5 October 2016 13:00 - 8 October 2016 13:00, Venice, Italy

Knowledge on lupus is running fast in present times; outstanding clues on pathogenesis and treatment, developing research as well as trials on new biological drugs are helping us to better understand the many sides of this multifaceted disease. Actually, however, international recommendations and expert opinions are shaped by everyone’s personal experience on patient care and follow-up, suggesting that the way to a unifying paradigm on disease management is still far. Indeed, due to lupus extreme heterogeneity and to its hiding attitude, great varieties of specialists are called forth in lupus care. Rheumatologists, nephrologists, neurologists, immunologists as well as internists need to cooperate in order to improve patient outcome.

However, are we fully aware of the evolving horizon concerning lupus development and management? And are we using our therapeutic devices as effectively as possible? Some of us are enthusiastic researchers, some others may be devoted to patient clinic, yet all of us are covering a piece of lupus knowledge. Nowadays, reciprocal interchange is required in order new insights on lupus are fully enlightened. Accordingly, a number of lectures and symposia are designed in which everyone of you will hopefully find the “missing piece” in lupus understanding, and abstract and poster sessions will provide you the chance to present your personal contribution, pointing to knowledge growth and sharing.

We really believe in the educational attitude of this international meeting, and encourage single researchers and research groups to present their original data on any aspect of lupus they are interested in. In this view, young physicians are warmly expected to join well-experienced specialists and to participate to debate sessions and question time, enjoying the knowledge partaking that we aim to.
Palazzo del Casinò

Palazzo del Casinò, Lungomare Marconi 30, Venice, 30126, Italy

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