28 March 2018 19:00-21:30, Canterbury, United Kingdom

Followed by a lecture
‘Photography – in praise of Sir John Herschel’
Rodney Todd
Rodney initially trained to teach engineering but is now following a life-long interest in photography and its history. His talk will follow the early development of photography associated with Niepce, Daguerre and Henry Fox Talbot. The talk will pay homage to Sir John Herschel who supported and encouraged Fox Talbot, offering a chemical to fix silver-based photographs to prevent them fading. That chemical supported the development process throughout Victorian times and into the Twentieth Century. It laid the foundation  for Kodak to emerge and for photographers like Cartier-Bresson and  David Bailey  to flourish – while chemistry again led the way to make colour images possible

NB There will be a £5.00 charge to offset the cost of a buffet meal with drinks after the lecture at approximately 2030
Members and partners/guests are welcome at the AGM and lecture
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