3 September 2018 09:00 - 8 September 2018 14:00, Kragujevac, Serbia

1st Computational Medicinal Chemistry Workshop
September 3rd - 9th, 2018 
Kragujevac, Serbia.
Designᴵᵀ-TO-LEAD is the specialized WorkShop, organized in City of Kragujevac, Republic of Serbia, with the aim to contribute in spreading knowledge in the field of Medicinal Chemistry and Rational Drug Design by means of employment of computer and computational techniques.
Designᴵᵀ-TO-LEAD is structured for students of Chemistry, Pharmacy, and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, PhD students and PostDoc of all disciplines involved in Medicinal Chemistry, as well as for Academics and industry involved in providing medicinal and pharmaceutical services. The contribution of computational methodologies to drug discovery is no longer a matter of dispute and all major World’s pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies use computational design tools. Computer-aided drug design encompasses computational methods and resources that are used to facilitate the design and discovery of new bioactive chemical entities.
Designᴵᵀ-TO-LEAD will cover the main computational techniques currently used in the drug discovery, process supplying a basic level of knowledge of this field. All the thought computational approaches will focus mainly on the development of three-dimensional quantitative structure-activity relationships (3-D QSAR) and related tools.
Designᴵᵀ-TO-LEAD will be divided into theoretical lesson and practical sessions with the aim to allow the participants to independently apply the computational techniques to their own home projects.
University of Kragujevac

University of Kragujevac, Radoja Domanovica 12, Kragujevac, 34000, Serbia

Organised by
University of Kragujevac, Faculty of Science
Alchemical Dynamics s.r.l. a Sapienza StartUp
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