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The Royal Society of Chemistry’s Global Experiment 2012 brought together students from around the globe in an activity highlighting the role that chemistry plays in sport.The experiment tested the effect of sports drinks on physical performance by comparing the results of competitors when running 100 m.

The Global Experiment was designed to test scientific skills and sporting ability for all ages to participate in. For full instructions on how you can repeat the experiment, click the link below.

Over 2,000 people from five different continents took part in the Global Experiment 2012. Take a look at the results chart and full map of participants. Do you think that the possible benefits of sports drinks made a difference to the competitors over the short distance of 100 m?

You can still try the 2012 global experiment in your school or at home. Click to view instructions below.


Global Experiment Results Chart

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Global Experiment Map

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Chemistry in Sport videos. Upload your own video after submitting your Global Experiment results

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