The art of crystallisation - a global experiment


All you need for taking part in the global experiment - The art of crystallisation:  What are the best conditions for growing the biggest crystals?

This experiment is now closed and data cannot be posted to the website.
You can however run a class investigation from the available worksheet.

Instructions for taking part are also available in ArabicChinese (simplified)FrenchPortuguese (Brazil) and Russian.


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Please print these for each student once they have completed the art of crystallisation - a global experiment and uploaded their results


The Royal Society of Chemistry would like to thank Lynne Thomas, Anna Warren and Colin Pulham (from the British Crystallographic Association), Catherine Smith (Teacher, John Cleveland College, Hinckley) and Peter Borrows (CLEAPSS) for their advice and suggestions during the development of this resource.

The Word document is shared under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0.