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Circling the Square - blog


This website takes its audience on a journey of exploration, through the real societal issues and impact of science and science-based research. Blog entries, interviews and videos challenge the audience to think about established science and what it means; citizen science; research and policy makers and media; and providing evidence, degrees of uncertainty and human values. This blog provides a vehicle for teachers to inform themselves on societal issues, for pupils to explore issues further and for the general public to develop a more holistic understanding of scientific research and the stakeholders involved. 

Type of Activity

group work, working independently



Age Group

16 to Teacher
circling-the-square-blog RSC Recommended


Please note that educators will have to develop or use their own educational framework to use this resource. The information on the website can be used to develop lessons and provide information or supplementary activities for lessons. 

For example there are excellent opportunities for role playing, problem-based learning (PBL) and debates using the issues raised on the website. These issues do not focus on specific chemistry topics in detail, rather the implications for society as a whole, and the processes scientists/researchers, policy makers, and the media go through to enact change.

This website was produced by The University of Nottingham and is run by the University’s Science, Technology and Society Research Priority Group.