C/PBL resource: Recycling the undesired enantiomer of naproxen


This context/problem-based learning (C/PBL) resource is part of a collection we have commissioned for you to use with your undergraduate students. This 5 credit module is based on the following scenario:

Your students work for a company that produces (S)-naproxen, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), via a racemic method. Whilst (S)-naproxen is highly potent, the (R)-enantiomer is inactive. 
The company want to develop a method to recycle the undesired (R)-enantiomer into the (S)-enantiomer. The management team have designed a strategy. As a team, the students will work to find the optimal conditions and test this out on a 20 g scale.

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group work, class practical



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