Museums and galleries often have scientific teams working on the art and artefacts. The work of these teams is often invisible to visitors, but here we bring that work to the forefront. Their work helps us learn about the artefacts, techniques and materials used in creating art.

The Royal Society of Chemistry has developed the Chemistry and Art website to show you the links between different types of art, materials, colours and eras. Whether you’re a teacher, a student, or you’re just interested in art and chemistry, we want you to journey through history, art and science with us.

The Chemistry and Art project stemmed from a previous collaboration, in 1999, with the National Gallery – the original Chemistry in Art pack. We have revisited this topic and have developed this website to demonstrate the links between two disciplines often thought of entirely separate. We have been able to do this by collaborating with museums and galleries, to showcase their scientific departments and the work they do to keep art works preserved now and for future generations.