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Chemist pouring a liquid

There is an excellent collection of school experiments taken from the RSC and Nuffield Foundation's Practical Chemistry website. These cover a wide variety of topics, classified by topic and by academic level - introductory, intermediate or advanced, as well as a few exciting demonstrations and "enhancement chemistry".

Besides this collection, the LearnChemistry wiki also contains various other experiments, which are listed below.


How laboratory resources are organised on the wiki

Laboratory experiments are organised in three "namespaces", which appear in the page name before a colon. This page is in the Lab namespace. The namespaces are as follows:

  • Lab: Provides a summary of an experiment.
  • Expt: Provides an experimental procedure, suitable for a student to follow in the lab. May include related questions, etc.
  • TeacherExpt: Gives all information needed to run the experiment, including detailed notes to assist a teacher and lab technician in setting up.

Practical Chemistry

General experiments

Organic chemistry experiments