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Mask testing spray shortage prompts call for assistance

A shortage of solutions essential to test the effectiveness of face masks for medics and care workers has resulted in a call for universities, distilleries and breweries to help meet the shortfall.

2020 Elections – make your vote count

For the first time in our history we have five presidential candidates standing. Watch their video testimonials and find out about our elections for other important roles.

Chemistry against COVID: MediSieve tackling the virus inside and out

Chemists around the world are playing an essential role during the COVID crisis response. Meet MediSieve, helping isolate COVID-related elements in blood and 3D printing to protect medics’ ears from facemask damage

Beetle-inspired paint could produce water from thin air for drought-stricken countries

Superamphiphobic material can ‘bounce’ water droplets from air. The new solution could produce ultra-fog resistant car windows and faster drainage systems.

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