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Mr Alan Middleton CChem MRSC

For outstanding service to the Royal Society of Chemistry through his commitment to the Chemists' Community Fund and the Downland Local Section. He is recognised for his dedication to bringing chemistry to those who can no longer engage with other activities directly.

Very proud and humbled. I did not think that what I had done warranted any award.

Mr Alan Middleton CChem MRSC

Born and educated in South Shields I left with a fist full of low grade "A" levels with the ambition to be an Industrial Chemist, although I had little knowledge of what that might entail.

My career in chemistry started at Burroughs Wellcome in 1964 as a lab technician. After three years of part time study I joined Ciba Geigy in Manchester as an analytical chemist and worked on a variety of products for the next ten years. These ranged from plasticisers to synthetic lubricants and surfactants.

In 1978 I joined a small group in Sussex contract manufacturing products for FMCG companies and own brand products, mostly in the household cleaning sector. I was appointed Operations Director of the company responsible for the production from two sites. The business developed into a multi-million pound organisation employing over 100 people at its height. In 2007, after the business was sold to a management buy-out I retired.

I then became a full-time fly-fishing instructor and guide during the summer months; now being paid to go fishing! During the winter months I spend most of my time working on a pheasant shoot and tying flies for the summer.

I became a volunteer visitor for the Benevolent Fund some twenty years ago visiting retired members in the district. I was asked to act as fund coordinator in the Downland section where I have assisted with retired lunches and delivering Kitchen Cupboard Chemistry to scout groups in the area.

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