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Dr D Neville Jones CChem FRSC

University of Sheffield

For outstanding service to the Royal Society of Chemistry through his commitment to the South Wales West Local Section.

Truly honoured

Dr D Neville Jones CChem FRSC

Early years at the University of Swansea (1950-1956) initially sparked my enthusiasm for Chemistry. Professor Charles Shoppee FRS, a superb teacher, illuminated and revealed the beauty of organic chemistry in particular. This was followed by a postgraduate fellowship at the University of lllinois with E.J. Corey, who brought clarity, infectious enthusiasm, and the magic of innovation to the subject.


I joined Sheffield University Chemistry Department in 1960, where Professor W.D. Ollis provided ample illustration of the art of presenting Chemistry lucidly at the blackboard and dais. ln this respect, he was a master and a source of inspiration, a virtue that more than compensated for his occasional unusual behaviour. As Reader in Organic Chemistry, I enjoyed the benefit of a succession of excellent research students, and revelled in the joys and stimulation of teaching at the undergraduate and postgraduate level.


After retirement in 1993 to live near Swansea I assisted the Local section RSC committee until 2016 in carrying the message of chemistry to local schools, through lectures (Science and Energy) and school quizzes. These were devised and driven by two remarkably able educators and loyal servants of the RSC, J.A. (Jim) Ballantine and A.J.S. (Bill) Williams MBE. I was privileged to have the opportunity to join their work, and subsequently extend it, together with John S Davies who later joined the group.

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