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Dr Steve Byard CSci CChem FRSC


For outstanding service to the Royal Society of Chemistry through his commitment to the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Discussion Group.

Being an active member of the RSC NMR Interest Group for the last 15 years has been an absolute pleasure; it has allowed me to meaningfully participate in many great scientific events, engage with many scientists from around the world and given me the opportunity to work directly with different teams in the Royal Society of Chemistry. To be the recipient of this award is really the icing on the cake and I am extremely grateful to the RSC for making it all possible.

Dr Steve Byard CSci CChem FRSC

For outstanding service to the Royal Society of Chemistry Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Discussion Group (the NMR-DG) in the capacity as Honorary Interest Group Secretary over the decade 2008 to 2018 and as a serving member of the NMR- DG committee since 2005.

Steve Byard took over the role as Secretary of the NMR Discussion Group from a long serving and distinguished previous post holder, Irwin Jones. Steve has served the committee with incredible energy. He has shown a commitment well in excess of any normal voluntary role and has carried much of the burden of organization and coordination of NMR-DG activities including the planning and execution of numerous scientific meetings as Chairs have come and gone over the years. He has diligently written and kept committee meeting minutes, has coordinated the award and distribution of bursary finances to students, has developed the reputation as a safe pair of hands and has engaged with the wider organization of the RSC, representing the NMR-DG as a flagship case of how an interest group can operate successfully. As a result of his commitment and service, the NMR-DG has gone from strength to strength over his tenure of office and he can be rightly proud of his achievement in steering the group to ever higher standards and pursuits. Steve now stands down as Secretary leaving the NMR-DG in a strong state and showing a clear pathway ahead for the next Secretary. I strongly commend Steve for recognition of this outstanding service to the chemistry community.

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