Corday-Morgan Prize 2013 Winner

Professor Jonathan Reid
Professor Jonathan Reid
University of Bristol

For outstanding achievements in the study of physical and chemical properties of aerosol particles.

About the Winner

Jonathan Reid obtained a BA in Chemistry (1994) and a DPhil in Physical Chemistry (1997), both from the University of Oxford. He moved to the University of Colorado (USA) as a postdoctoral research fellow, returning to the UK as a lecturer in Physical Chemistry at the School of Chemistry, University of Birmingham, in 2000 before moving to the University of Bristol in 2004. 

He was promoted to Reader in 2006 and then to a Personal Chair in 2009, and has held both an EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship (2004-2009) and an EPSRC Leadership Fellowship (2009-2014). 

Jonathan was awarded the 2001 Harrison Memorial Prize of the Royal Society of Chemistry and the 2004 Marlow Medal of the Faraday Division. 

Currently, he is a Visiting Professor at the Beijing Institute of Technology, China. In his capacity as Education Secretary, he serves as a committee member of the Aerosol Society. He established the Bristol Aerosol Research Centre in 2012.

Jonathan's research interests are focussed on understanding the physical and chemical transformation of aerosol particles. His research is addressing both fundamental challenges, such as resolving uncertainties in the mechanism of evaporation and condensation, and applied problems, such as the interplay of chemistry and physics in the complex environments found in the atmosphere and in the respiratory tract during inhalation. 

To tackle these problems he has developed a range of optical and electrodynamic techniques to both manipulate and characterise single particles with high time and spatial resolution.

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