Corday-Morgan Prize 2016 Winner

Dr Ian Fairlamb
Professor Ian Fairlamb
University of York


Awarded for his fundamental mechanistic work in transition metal catalysis, organometallic chemistry and applied chemical synthesis



About the Winner

Ian Fairlamb was appointed to an Organic lectureship in York in 2001, following PhD with JM Dickinson in Manchester (1996-99), and post-doctoral project with GC Lloyd-Jones in Bristol (2000-01). He was a Royal Society University Research Fellow (2004-12), promoted to senior research fellow (2007), then full Professor in Chemistry (2010). He was awarded the RSC Meldola Medal (2003) and is an Astra-Zeneca research awardee (2007-10). His research interests are interdisciplinary, interfacing with catalysis, green & sustainable chemical synthesis, spectroscopy (including XAS) & CO-releasing molecules (CO-RMs). He is best known for work involving Pd catalyst & ligand design, the involvement of higher order Pd species and exploiting mechanistic understanding in end-user applications, e.g. biomolecule C-H functionalisation in amino acids & purines. Expertise in robotic systems for optimising chemical processes is a developing area of his research. 

He enjoys helping students and post-doctoral scientists in their early career researcher training, particularly in enabling them to reach their potential. He led a Pilot Centre for Doctoral Training in Catalysis (YorCat) in York (2012-16).  He was recognised for his training and supervision of early career researchers through a University of York (YUSU) award in 2015, and more broadly a Vice Chancellor's Gold Award for Outstanding Achievement in supporting research efforts in York.