2019 Creativity in Industry Prize Winner

Dr John L Casci

Dr John Casci

Johnson Matthey Plc


Awarded for world-class zeolite and catalysis design that has been applied at commercial scale with great impact in improving air quality.

About John

Before joining ICI on Teesside, John attended the University of Edinburgh between 1973 and 1980 completing a BSc in Chemistry and carrying out research for his PhD on zeolite synthesis.  

In his first job in industry John worked on Methanol-to-Olefins catalysis, a topic that has seen a resurgence of interest in recent years.   With spells in ICI's New Science Group and Petrochemicals and Plastics Division, John ultimately led ICI's zeolite synthesis and scale-up team before joining Katalco, at Billingham, as Manager of the Manufacturing Science and Technology team.   Shortly after his move he was promoted to Science Associate.    With the formation of Synetix, John led the establishment of the Manufacturing Science Centre and a multi-disciplinary team focussing on new materials and their scale-up.   Following the acquisition of Synetix by Johnson Matthey, John joined the Johnson Matthey Technology Centre, and as Technology Manager established the JMTC facility on Teesside.  

While much of John's research work has centred on zeolite molecular sieves he has also made contributions to Fischer-Tropsch catalysis, halogen-exchange catalysis and copper-zinc precursors to Methanol Synthesis and Low Temperature Shift catalysts.   John's work on zeolites has spanned novel material synthesis, the design of Organic Structure Directing Agents and the scale-up and manufacture of zeolite-based catalysts for Petrochemical and Automotive Emission Control applications.   John is named as an inventor in more than 300 patents, covering over 30 patent families.   About 20% of the patents have been commercialised.    

John now works on a reduced hours basis, acting as a Senior Scientific Consultant focussing on new manufacturing technology.