Environment Prize 2013 Winner

Professor Michael Wasielewski
Professor Michael Wasielewski
Northwestern University, USA

For his pioneering contributions to the field of artificial photosynthesis for solar energy conversion.

About the Winner

Professor Wasielewski received his Bachelor of Science (1971) and PhD (1975) degrees from the University of Chicago. Following his graduate work, he was a postdoctoral fellow at Columbia University. He then joined the scientific staff of Argonne National Laboratory, where he rose through the ranks to become Group Leader of the Molecular Photonics Group.

In 1994, he joined the faculty of Northwestern University, where he is currently the Clare Hamilton Hall Professor of Chemistry. He served as Chair of the Chemistry Department at Northwestern from 2001-2004.  

He is currently the Director of the Argonne-Northwestern Solar Energy Research (ANSER) Center, which is a US-DOE Energy Frontier Research Center, and the Solar Fuels Institute, a global consortium of research centers. 

Professor Wasielewski's research focuses on light-driven charge generation and transport in molecules and supramolecular materials, artificial photosynthesis, molecular systems for solar fuels and electricity, molecular electronics, spin dynamics, spintronics, and time-resolved optical and EPR spectroscopy.

His research has resulted in over 420 publications.  Professor Wasielewski was elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1995, and has held numerous distinguished lectureships and fellowships. 

Among Professor Wasielewski's recent awards are:

  • 2013 RSC Environment Prize
  • 2013 Humboldt Research Award
  • 2012 Arthur C Cope Scholar Award of the American Chemical Society
  • 2008 Porter Medal for Photochemistry
  • 2006 James Flack Norris Award in Physical Organic Chemistry of the American Chemical Society
  • 2004 Photochemistry Research Award of the Inter-American Photochemical Society

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