Hickinbottom Award 2014 Winner

Dr Stephen Goldup
Dr Stephen Goldup
Queen Mary, University of London

For pioneering work on rotaxane synthesis and the formation of mechanically bonded systems.

About the Winner

Steve grew up in Gloucester where he attended Sir Thomas Rich's School. In 2000 he obtained an MChem degree from Exeter College, Oxford during which he began his research career with a Part II project in the group of Sir Prof. Jack Baldwin. 

After a brief interlude, he continued his research training with a PhD in natural product synthesis under the supervision of Prof. Tony Barrett (Imperial College) before shifting focus to apply his synthetic skills to the realisation of mechanically interlocked non-natural products during postdoctoral work with Prof. David Leigh at the University of Edinburgh where in 2007 he was appointed as Fixed Term Lecturer in Organic Chemistry. 

In 2008 he began his independent career at QMUL, first as a Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow and now as a Royal Society University Research Fellow, working with an outstanding group of young scientists developing methods for the synthesis of challenging interlocked molecules with catalytic, materials and sensing applications.

Did you know? Wilfred John Hickinbottom (1896-1979) was Reader at QMUL (then Queen Mary College) from 1947-1960 and Professor from 1960-1963.  After 'retirement' he went to the University of Khartoum, leaving a legacy which funded the occasional Hickinbottom symposium. The remainder of his legacy funded the Royal Society of Chemistry's Hickinbottom Award.  2014 sees the award come full circle, with the award being won by a fellow QMUL academic.

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