Interdisciplinary Award 2007 Winner

Interdisciplinary Award current winner, Jeremy Nicholson
Jeremy Nicholson CChem FRSC
Imperial College, UK

For his contributions to chemical biology, particularly mechanistic insights into disease and toxicity through the development of the field of metabonomics.

About the winner

Professor Nicholson obtained his BSc from Liverpool University (1977) and his PhD from London University (1980) working on the application of analytical electron microscopy and the applications of energy dispersive X Ray microanalysis in molecular toxicology and inorganic biochemistry. 

He was appointed Lecturer in Chemistry (Birkbeck College, London University, 1981-83) and Lecturer in Experimental Pathology at The London School of Pharmacy (1983-85) returning to Birkbeck as a Senior Lecturer in Chemistry, then Reader (1989) and Professor of Biological Chemistry (1992). In 1998 he became Head of Biological Chemistry at Imperial College London and since 2006 he is the Head of the Department of Biomolecular Medicine (2006) at Imperial. 

Professor Nicholson is the author of over 400 peer-reviewed scientific papers and many other articles/patents on the development and application of novel spectroscopic and chemometric approaches to the investigation of disturbed metabolic processes and systemic disruptions of homeostasis in complex organisms. 

His research interests include novel NMR spectroscopy and chemometric approaches to understanding the molecular basis of disease and toxic processes, and extended genome/superorganism biochemistry. 

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