Interdisciplinary Award 2007 Winner

Interdisciplinary Award current winner, David Klenerman
David Klenerman CChem MRSC
University of Cambridge, UK

For original applications in the life sciences of new biophysical methods based on laser fluorescence spectroscopy and scanning probe microscopy.

About the winner

David Klenerman did his PhD under the supervision of Professor I.W.M. Smith FRS in the Department of Chemistry at Cambridge University on infra-red chemiluminescence. He was then a Fulbright Scholar at Stanford University, California doing post-doctoral research with Professor Richard. N. Zare on high overtone chemistry. He then came back to the UK and worked for seven years for BP Research in their Laser Spectroscopy Group before returning to Cambridge University, where he is currently a Professor in Biophysical Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry. 

His research interests are the development and application of novel biophysical methods to biological and biomedical problems. This includes single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy of individual biomolecules, scanning ion conductance microscopy imaging of living cells and bionanotechnology. 

He is the author of over 100 papers and 10 patents. He also co-founded Solexa, a high speed DNA sequencing company.

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