Theophilus Redwood Award 2012 Winner

Professor Scott McLuckey
Professor Scott McLuckey
Purdue University

For his conception and development of ion-ion reactions in mass spectrometry and his contributions to oligonucleotide and top-down protein sequencing.

About the Winner

Dr. Scott A. McLuckey earned his Ph.D. degree chemistry in 1982 from Purdue University.  Directly thereafter, he spent one year as a visiting scientist at the FOM Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics in Amsterdam.  In late 1983, he joined the Analytical Chemistry Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory as a Eugene P. Wigner Fellow.   In January, 1990 he was named Head of the Analytical Spectroscopy Section and also served as the Organic and Biological Mass Spectrometry Group Leader.  In January, 2000, McLuckey moved to Purdue as a Professor of Chemistry and in 2008 was named the John A. Leighty Distinguished Professor of Analytical Chemistry.

McLuckey's research emphases have been placed in the areas of gas-phase ion chemistry and instrumentation for organic and biological mass spectrometry.  Ion activation, ion/molecule reactions, and ion/ion reactions have been major focal areas within the context of the mass spectrometry/mass spectrometry experiment.  Instrumentation for tandem mass spectrometry has also been highlighted with emphasis on electrodynamic ion traps and ion trap/hybrid instruments.  The major current area of emphasis for application is the identification and characterization of macro-molecules, primarily via whole molecule tandem mass spectrometry, and ion/ion reaction chemistry.  Recognition for the work has included the Biemann Medal from the American Society for Mass Spectrometry in 1997, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Scientist of the Year in 1999, The Curt Brunnée Prize from the International Mass Spectrometry Society in 2000, the American Chemical Society (ACS) Chemical Instrumentation Award in 2007, the ANACHEM Award in 2008, and the ACS Field and Franklin Award in Mass Spectrometry in 2012.

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