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Dr Robin Attrill CChem MRSC

GlaxoSmithKline R&D

For dedication to promoting the Royal Society of Chemistry, enthusing the next generation of chemical scientists and his activities as part of the Heterocyclic and Synthesis Group.

Throughout my career, which has been focussed on the development of new medicines, I have always tried to 'give back' to science, and my involvement with the RSC Heterocyclic and Synthesis Group is one of my ways of doing that. I also want to ensure that future generations of chemists are supported and encouraged, and my involvement in student mentoring (UG and PG), academic collaborations and consortia, and initiatives (e.g. Dial-a-Molecule) are my way of contributing to this. I was totally surprised, and extremely flattered, to win the award, and I am very grateful to those who nominated me for this recognition.. receiving this award is great in that it shows that my efforts are appreciated.

Dr Robin Attrill CChem MRSC

From a very early age I had an interest in science and at high school I was initially undecided as to whether I would go into Biology or Chemistry - at the time career prospects in the latter looked more promising (!) and this, and the fact that I had a very inspirational 'A' level chemistry teacher, encouraged me to apply for chemistry degree courses. I was offered a place at Imperial College following an interview with a young lecturer - Steve Ley. The first degree convinced me that a career in R&D was for me and I stayed at Imperial a PhD with Tony Barrett. I was originally intending to follow this with a PostDoc overseas but events changed my plans when, part way through my PhD, the Barrett group, including myself, moved to Northwestern University, Illinois. On completing my studies there I decided that a PostDoc back in the UK would be a useful step towards a career in industry, so I joined Bob Ramage's group at Edinburgh, working on macrolides, before joining Chemical Development within Beecham Pharmaceuticals at Brockham park. I have remained in this discipline, as the company evolved, via SmithKline Beecham at Harlow to GlaxoSmithKline at Stevenage, my current location. In support of my core role I have also been involved over many years in IT and Technology activities, endeavoring to give chemists, and our partner scientists and engineers, the tools that they need for the job, and a very wide range of academic and RSC activities and interactions.

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