Past Winners

Details of the past winners of our Inspirational Member and Inspirational Committee Awards


Inspirational Committee Awards

Chemical Education Research Group committee
For revitalising the Chemical Education Research Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry and improving the engagement and activities available to members of their community.

Deccan Local Section committee
For inspiring the next generation to engage with the chemical sciences through the organisations of a diverse range of educational activities and raising the profile of local female scientists.

Inspirational Member Awards

Dr Stephen Ashworth CChem FRSC - East Anglia Local Section
Reader - University of East Anglia 
For his outstanding dedication to inspiring school students and the public as The Kitchen Chemist both in the Local Section and beyond. 

Professor David Evans OBE CSci CChem FRSC - Beijing Local Section
Professor - Beijing University of Chemical Technology 
For his dedication to the popularisation of chemistry through demonstration lectures and hands-on practicals in schools, science fairs and festivals throughout China. 

Dr Lakshmy Ravishankar AMRSC - West India Local Section
Assistant Professor - Vaze College, Mumbai 
For her role as an enthusiastic advocate for the importance and research and the chemical sciences through news articles in national media and working locally to broaden the horizons of students. 

Dr Graeme Turnbull CSci CChem MRSC - Newcastle and North East Coast Local Section 
Research Fellow - Northumbria University 
For his dedication to the promotion of chemistry at a local level through the provision of diverse and accessible activities as part of the Local Section, Analytical Division Region and as an Early Career Representative. For his role at a strategic level as a member of the Regional Steering Group, Member Networks Committee and the Membership and Qualifications Board.

Dr John Woodland AMRSC - South Africa (South) Local Section
Postdoctoral Research Fellow - University of Cape Town 
For his positive impact through his plays promoting the chemical sciences and ensuring that the performances were accessible to children from all parts of the local community.


Inspirational Committee Award

New Zealand Local Section committee
Chair - Professor John Spencer MRSC
Secretary - Dr Vladimir Golovko MRSC
Treasurer - Dr Jˇhannes Reynisson FRSC

For revitalising the New Zealand Local Section of the Royal Society of Chemistry and improving the engagement and activity of members throughout the country.

Inspirational Member Awards

Dr Kathryn Bell MRSC - Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Sector
For her leadership of the Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Sector Education Support Group including the establishment of a coherent publicity strategy and streamlined application and review process leading to a significant increase in the number and diversity of projects supported.

Dr Sarah Myers MRSC - East Midlands Local Section committee
STEMNET Regional Networks Manager
For her dedication and enthusiasm as Secretary of the East Midlands Local Section committee and being the driving force behind additional activities established to ensure that a broad diversity of members can get involved.

Dr Hooshang Zavareh CChem FRSC - Consultancy Group committee
For his dedication to the Consultancy Group committee including supporting staff in the creation of the Directory of Consultants which is of benefit to the wider chemical science community.


Inspirational Committee Award

Early Career Symposium 2016 Committee 
In recognition of the commitment and achievements of the committee to run the Early Career Symposium 2016 event aimed at engaging members based in Industry and Academia in the early stages of their career.

Inspirational Member Awards

Dr Katherine Haxton MRSC  - North Staffordshire Local Section committee
Keele University
In recognition of her personal involvement in engaging with a wide range of audiences and her contributions to the North Staffordshire Local Section committee.

Mrs Remya Norris MRSC  - Newcastle upon Tyne and North East Coast Local Section committee
International Paint Ltd
In recognition of her inspirational contribution to the Newcastle upon Tyne and North East Coast Local Section committee and to the development of innovative activities.

Mr Donald Clark CSci CChem MRSC  - Kent Local Section committee
Pfizer Ltd
In recognition of his innovative outreach work, working with industry to bring real chemistry into schools, as part of the Kent Local Section committee.

Dr Med Abderrahmane Sanhoury MRSC  - Tunisia Local Section committee
University of Tunis El Manar
In recognition of his work in establishing member engagement activities as part of the new Tunisian Local Section committee.


Inspirational Committee Awards

East Midlands Local Section Committee
Awarded in recognition of the commitment shown by the committee to maintain a diverse and balanced representation of their whole community on both the committee and in their programme of activities.

Applied Catalysis Group Committee
Awarded in recognition of the annual careers events run to demonstrate the breadth of careers in this field in addition to their scientific programme.

Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Sector Committee
Awarded in recognition of the diversity and breadth of impact of the outreach work undertaken by the committee.

Inspirational Member Awards

Professor Adrian Dobbs FRSC  - Heterocyclic and Synthesis Group committee
University of Greenwich
Awarded in recognition of his championing diversity and international collaboration as part of the Heterocyclic and Synthesis Group committee

Dr Ann Hubbard CBE CChem FRSC  - Downland Local Section
Awarded in recognition of her outreach work reaching new audiences as part of the Downland Local Section committee

Professor Venkateswarlu Peesapati CChem FRSC  - Deccan Local Section committee
Retired Professor
Awarded in recognition of his diverse range of activities as part of the Deccan Local Section committee

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