Materials chemistry

Materials chemistry

Material science is the study of all the materials we see in the world around us. From the clothes we wear and the dinner plates we eat off to the new technologies used in sports, medicines and computing. In this course we look at how materials work and develop an understanding of how and why the use of materials has developed throughout history including the manipulation of desirable properties to suit particular uses. The thread of ideas, links the structure and bonding of different types of materials including metals, composites, polymers and smart materials to their properties. Taking these links further forms an important element of the course as we journey from the use of traditional macromolecular structures such as metals to the micromolecular application of nano particles and future materials.

After working through this course you will be able to:

  • understand the core ideas about materials;
  • explain how the key ideas in materials develop and progress throughout secondary education;
  • identify common misconceptions and know how these can be addressed;
  • confidently and competently teach aspects of materials to secondary school students; and
  • access a range of activities and resources to support students in their learning about materials.

Please ensure to review our Health and Safety guidance, with regards to all practical resources.

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