41st Annual International Conference, Workshop, Exhibition and General Meeting

16 - 21 September 2018, Ibadan, Nigeria

  • Chemical Sciences in the Diversification of Nigeria's Monolithic Economy
  • Non-petroleum related Chemical Industries as a Tool for Fast Tracking National Development
  • Contribution of Chemical Sciences Towards Achieving Alternative Green Energy
  • Waste-to-wealth: The Role of Modern Chemist
  • The Roles of Chemistry in Combating Internal Insurgencies. A Challenge to Chemists
  • The Nexus of Chemical and Food Sciences in Addressing Food Insecurity in Nigeria
  • Innovative Chemical Research as a Pattern for the Development of Chemical Education and IOC
  • Chemistry as a Tool for Sustainability of National Economy and Public Health 
Sponsorship & supporting organisations
Royal Society of Chemistry 
University of Ibadan

Conference Centre, UI Hotels, University of Ibadan, Oyo road, Ibadan, 200284, Nigeria

  • Prof. K. O. Adebowale University of Ibadan, Nigeria
  • Dr Ayo Ipeayeda University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Organised by
Chemical Society of Nigeria
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