41st Annual International Conference, Workshop, Exhibition and General Meeting

16 - 21 September 2018, Ibadan, Nigeria

  • Chemical Sciences in the Diversification of Nigeria's Monolithic Economy
  • Non-petroleum related Chemical Industries as a Tool for Fast Tracking National Development
  • Contribution of Chemical Sciences Towards Achieving Alternative Green Energy
  • Waste-to-wealth: The Role of Modern Chemist
  • The Roles of Chemistry in Combating Internal Insurgencies. A Challenge to Chemists
  • The Nexus of Chemical and Food Sciences in Addressing Food Insecurity in Nigeria
  • Innovative Chemical Research as a Pattern for the Development of Chemical Education and IOC
  • Chemistry as a Tool for Sustainability of National Economy and Public Health 
Sponsorship & supporting organisations
Royal Society of Chemistry 
University of Ibadan

Conference Centre, UI Hotels, University of Ibadan, Oyo road, Ibadan, 200284, Nigeria

Organised by
Chemical Society of Nigeria
Contact information
Prof. K. O. Adebowale
University of Ibadan
Department of Chemistry, University of Ibadan
Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration), University of Ibadan
+234 803 3964 147
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