Organic Division poster symposium

30 November 2020

The RSC Organic Division’s flagship event for early career researchers went online for 2020.

The competitive virtual poster symposium brought together outstanding final year organic chemistry PhD students from across the UK and Ireland to present their work to invited representatives from industry and academia. Prizes were awarded to the best posters including an industry prize awarded to the best research poster showcasing potential for industrial application.

2020 Organic Division poster symposium prize winners

First Prize
Sbusisiwe Mbatha University of Bristol
Poster title: Synthetic and Biosynthetic Studies on Abyssomicin Natural Products
Industry Prize
Stephanie Greed Imperial College London
Poster title: Synthesis of Highly Enantioenriched Sulfonimidamides By Stereospecific SuFEx Reaction of Sulfonimidoyl Fluorides with Amines
Runner up
Tatiana Rogova University of Oxford
Poster title: Reverse polarity reductive functionalization of amides via a tandem hydrosilylation/photocatalytic strategy.
Runner up
Antoine de Gombert University of Oxford
Poster title: Desulfinative cross-couplings: Mechanistic insights for reaction optimisation
Delegates' choice
Andrew Bage University of Edinburgh
Poster title: Hidden Boron Catalysis
Participants choice
Patrick Deneny University of Cambridge
Poster title: Multicomponent synthesis of tertiary β-fluoroamines via visible light-mediated carbonyl fluoroalkylative amination
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