POSTPONED - Enabling direct compression: Workflow for enhanced particle attributes via continuous spherical agglomeration

27 April 2021 14:00-15:30, United Kingdom


This webinar is postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. New dates are TBC.


Dr. Ian Houson and Dr. Nazer Rajoub, Continuous Manufacturing and Advanced Crystallisation (CMAC) Future Manufacturing Hub, University of Strathclyde


Many active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) crystals display shapes and flow properties that make them inherently difficult to handle, store, formulate and process. Spherical agglomeration provides a way to engineer the crystals into better performing spherical particles that possess enhanced bulk properties. This study describes a systematic and efficient workflow approach to produce agglomerates with desirable attributes. The approach provides new insights into the mechanism of agglomerate formation that enables a significant reduction in the amount of materials used for process development with associated reduction in costs and time. The agglomeration process design approach is described along with the development and verification of a platform capability for rapid and efficient production of spherical agglomerates of APIs from gram to kilogram scale. Finally, the produced spherical agglomerates were tested as a POC in enhancing the suitability of particles for direct compression. The agglomerates were benchmarked against the original powder and were proven to be suitable for direct compression at a 100%wt drug loading whereas the corresponding, non-agglomerated material could not be compressed.

Dr Ian Houson, National Facility Manager, CMAC, University of Strathclyde, , United Kingdom

an works at the interface of academia and industry at the Continuous Manufacturing and Advanced Crystallisation (CMAC) Future Manufacturing Hub. After 17 years in pharmaceuticals process development, scale-up and manufacturing at an SME, a CMO and large pharma, Ian moved to his current role focusing on maximising benefit of the interactions between the 8 Tier 1 companies and the academics involved in CMAC. This involves facilitating knowledge and technology transfer as well as running a range of pre-competitive and confidential projects at the interface of drug substance and drug product.

Dr. Nazer Rajoub, CMAC, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom

With 7 years of experience in continuous crystallisation processes, he has been delivering proprietary and pre-competitive projects for national and international Tier 1 companies. He has expertise on developing workflows for design and implementation of pharmaceutical and biological processes for drug substance and Formulated products. Dr. Rajoub also has 6 years of experience in the oil and gas industry focussing on Carbon capture and achieving zero carbon emission target, Quality Control Assurance, Design of eco-friendly production.


United Kingdom

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