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2022 #RSCPoster Twitter Conference

1 March 2022 12:00 - 2 March 2022 12:00, United Kingdom

The #RSCPoster Twitter Conference is an annual online event held entirely over Twitter to bring members of the scientific research community together to share their research, network and engage in scientific debate.

Held online over 24 hours, the unique format removes the environmental and financial costs of attending a traditional conference, and helps scientific researchers share their work and network across disciplines, wherever they are in the world. 

Last year saw poster presenters from 62 countries sharing over 10,000 #RSCPoster tweets to a potential audience of 41.8 million. This year you can submit a poster in one of 13 subject areas, from analytical chemistry to engineering. Posters win prizes if chosen by the subject chairs.

Register now to take part on 1 March at 12:00 UTC, and help us to spread the word. 

See our webpage in the Useful Links section for more details on #RSCPoster, #RSCPosterPitch, #RSCPosterLive our committees, FAQs and more!

#RSCPoster a conference with clear advantages...

Whatever your research
Share a poster in any chemical science-related subject and gather interdisciplinary reactions
However you work
Being online, you can contribute wherever you are in the world – no travel or attendance fees
Uniting the global scientific community
Debate important research with scientists from all over the world, at every career stage

How it works:

Register to submit a poster (Registration opens from January 2022)
Tweet your poster with a title, #RSCPoster and relevant subject hashtag(s)
Discuss and engage – throughout the 24h conference; make sure to answer the questions from the community, committee and comment on other #RSCPosters
Win prizes if your #RSCPoster is deemed best by subject Chairs


At a physical conference, you would usually get the chance to stand next to your poster and give a quick presentation to the judges in person, highlighting the most important and exciting parts of your research in a quick, accessible way. #RSCPosterPitch is designed to work in this same way, as a video pitch to accompany your main #RSCPoster.

You can film yourself on any device, and upload in the captions alongside your poster together with the hashtag #RSCPosterPitch. This can be done in any style, any language (although note that the Subject Chairs will be judging in English, so you might want to give an English version if possible) from a regular speech to a special song, just so long as it’s kept short (ideally no longer than 60 seconds) as our judges will have lots of posters to look at!

#RSCPosterPitch is optional, so you don’t have to submit a pitch for your poster to take part in #RSCPoster. 


We are also running #RSCPosterLive, a series of live webinars accompanying the main poster event. These webinars will discuss some of the important issues faced by chemical scientists throughout their career.

Our 2022 webinars are:
  • Work-life balance in academia
  • Careers in Industry
  • Diversity in the chemical sciences

Sponsorship & supporting organisations
United Kingdom

United Kingdom, United Kingdom

Organised by
Laura Ghandhi (@flowithefish), Royal Society of Chemistry
Ed Gardner (@EdGardner_), Royal Society of Chemistry
Athina Anastasaki (@AthinaAnastasa1), ETH Zurich
Tanja Junkers (@polymerreaction), Monash University
Tim Noël (@NoelGroupUvA), University of Amsterdam
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