RSC Applied Polymers showcase

12 December 2023 19:00-19:30, United Kingdom

Discover innovative uses of polymeric materials in a range of applications across materials, biology, energy, and beyond. Join our live webinar on 12 December (7pm, UTC) on LinkedIn and YouTube to hear from authors and editorial board members to find out how polymers can make a difference, and find out if RSC Applied Polymers could be the place to publish your next manuscript.

What will the showcase cover?
Join the people behind RSC Applied Polymers to:
  • hear from Professor Emily Pentzer, Editor-in-Chief, and the editorial board
  • discover the journal’s highlights from 2023
  • hear from authors, including
  • hear from the journal’s executive editor, Dr Jeremy Allen
  • find out more about RSC Applied Polymers – and discover a home for your own exceptional research
  • Emily Pentzer Editor-in-Chief, RSC Applied Polymers, United States
  • Rachel Auzély-Velty Associate Editor, RSC Applied Polymers, France
  • Pengfei Cao Associate Editor, RSC Applied Polymers, China
  • Peter Wich Associate Editor, RSC Applied Polymers, United Kingdom
  • Jeremy Allen Executive Editor, RSC Applied Polymers, United Kingdom


United Kingdom

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