Post-acquisition processing of data

Authors might be asked during peer review to provide the original unprocessed data to the editors/reviewers of the journal.

All image acquisition and processing tools (including their settings) should be clearly stated in the manuscript. The amount of post-acquisition processing of data should be kept to a minimum. Any type of alteration such as image processing, cropping and groupings should be clearly stated in the figure caption and the Supplementary Information (SI) - clearly describing the process of alteration. Data manipulation (for example, normalisation or handling of missing values) should be noted.

Image processing changes should be applied to the entire image as well as all other images it is compared to. Processed images should still represent all the original data (with no data missing) and touch-up tools should be avoided.

Genuine and relevant signals in spectra should not be lost due to image enhancement.

Microscopy images of cells from multiple fields should not be compared but shown as single images (at least as part of the deposited data or in the SI).