Messages from our Trustees

Our president and president-elect have sent us some messages of recognition and support for all those in our community affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

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We've made a decision to make sure you get access to the latest from across the Royal Society of Chemistry

Surviving isolation – tips from astronaut Helen Sharman

Dr Helen Sharman, the first British astronaut, is no stranger to isolation, uncertainty, and confined spaces. As many of us around the globe prepare for several weeks of lockdown, Helen shares with us her top tips for keeping spirits up, staying connected, and making the most of a difficult situation.

RSC launches transparent peer review

RSC Chemical Biology has become the first Royal Society of Chemistry journal to adopt transparent peer review – meaning that reviewers’ comments can be read publically.

Announcing the winners of #RSCPoster 2020

The sixth edition of our virtual poster conference #RSCPoster was the biggest yet, with almost 800 entries submitted from 59 countries around the world – and here are the winners.

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