6th National Retrosynthesis Competition

Friday 15 March 2019 at the SCI Headquarters in Belgrave Square saw a celebration of organic chemistry in the form of the final of the 6th National Retrosynthesis Competition.

Chemistry makes scents at the Eden Project

Visitors to the Eden Project were challenged to guess the smells from plants, and to “Play Your Elements Right” by volunteers from the Royal Society of Chemistry.

A once in a lifetime field trip

Last year we heard from Royal Society of Chemistry member Robert Thomas, who volunteers his time to share his chemistry experiences with students in school. Now teacher Michael Miehl shares his experience of the partnership with Rob, including an exciting school field trip to PittCon 2019.

Outreach takes off

Charity and social enterprise theSKYLAB were supported by the Royal Society of Chemistry Outreach Fund to showcase the chemistry involved in aviation and aerospace. They delivered a series of shows at the Edinburgh Science Festival at the National Museum of Flight, East Fortune, sharing their stage with a Concorde airliner.

Recognition for an inspirational member

The Royal Society of Chemistry’s West India Section (RSC-WIS) is thrilled and proud that Professor Lakshmy Ravishankar AMRSC was awarded the Inspirational Member Award 2018 by RSC-UK.

The scent of heritage and other analytical tales

The Analytical Biosciences Group (ABG) held its largest ever Early Career Researcher Meeting in March. The two-day event brought together over 60 researchers from fields as diverse as biosensors, proteomics and cultural heritage.

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