Celebrating our member anniversaries

Did you know that some of our members have been in membership with us for more than 70 years? Find out how we celebrate our members' milestones.

Looking after your wellbeing with your membership

There are many ways in which your Royal Society of Chemistry membership can help support your wellbeing, including through our careers team, through our Chemists' Community Fund, and through volunteering opportunities.

Building an open future together

Open access – the idea of making published research free to read for everyone – is shaping the future of scholarly publishing

More than a salary survey...

This year we are marking the 100th anniversary of the Pay and Reward report, which was originally conducted by the Royal Institute of Chemistry to report on the pay of chemists following the First World War.

Brand new start

You’ll have noticed that things are a bit different on our website. After months of research and design, we’ve rolled out our refreshed brand for the world to see.

Finding the periodic table

Royal Society of Chemistry librarian David Allen takes us on a journey through the history of the periodic table, which began long before Mendeleev published his definitive version in 1869.

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