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Chartered Chemist (CChem)

The award of CChem recognises the experienced practising chemist who has demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of chemistry, significant personal achievements based upon chemistry, professionalism in the workplace and a commitment to maintaining technical expertise through continuing professional development (CPD).

CChem Professional Development Programme

For applicants with less than 6 years appropriate professional experience

CChem Direct Programme

For applicants with over 6 years appropriate professional experience

Downloadable Files

Chartered Status
Everything you need to know about becoming Chartered
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Role and Responsibility of CChem Mentor
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Professional Attributes for CChem

The professional attributes against which a Candidate's performance is judged

Regulations for the Award of Chartered Chemist (CChem)

All candidates for Chartered Chemist have to be a Member (MRSC) or Fellow (FRSC)

Accreditation of Company Training

We accredit company training schemes to help support employees' professional development.

CChem Revalidation

The requirements for holding Chartered status include a commitment to continuing professional development, and maintaining CChem status is therefore subject to annual revalidation. In most cases this takes the form of a simple declaration as part of RSC membership renewal, but members may be asked to provide supporting information about continuing professional development as part of a random sampling exercise.

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