Benefits of Accreditation

Degree accreditation: enhances standards in Chemistry Teaching Worldwide

Student & Staff Mobility
  • Gives universities confidence when attracting overseas students
  • High profile accreditation process offering assurances to employers and students in a competitive global job market  
Peer Recognition

Recognition of:

  • High standards
  • Global practice
  • Intellectual challenge and effective training of students  
  • Global Comparability between high performing institutions
  • Mechanisms for transparency and quality assurance ensuring standards are maintained worldwide  
Engagement with Industry
  • Interaction with industrial partners
  • Working to support employer needs and workforce skills
  • Improved access to workplace opportunities  
Curriculum Development
  • Access to international network of chemistry consultants
  • Support of degree development worldwide by leading academics and industrialists  
Networking and Collaboration
  • Enhancement of exchange programs for students and academics between accredited universities and industrial partners  
Engagement with RSC
  • Increased online access to chemical information
  • Conferences and specialist lectures
  • Interaction with an ever expanding portfolio of leading RSC Journals  
Promoting Chemistry & Advancing Chemical Science
  • Knowledge that involvement in accreditation is benefiting the advancement of the chemical sciences  


Encouraging the Next Generation of Career Chemists