The Analytical Biosciences Group offers bursaries up to the value of £500 to allow suitably qualified, UK-based academic scientists working in the area of analytical biosciences to attend conferences, symposia etc.

The applications are considered quarterly during the Committee meetings with submission deadlines on 31 March, 30 June, 30 September, and 31 December each year. The outcomes of the application will be communicated to the applicants usually within a calendar month after the deadline.

There is no specified limit to the number of bursaries offered, however each member can be awarded only one grant per calendar year.

Events sponsorship

We encourage applications for the sponsorship or co-sponsorship of any events relevant to the interests of the ABG. Sponsorship may be used to help cover costs, or offer prizes such as poster prizes at the event, in return for recognition of the group on promotional material and at the event. 
Each request for sponsorship will be judged on its own merits by the committee. 

Long Service Award

This Award is given to commemorate outstanding individuals who have given exceptional contributions to the Analytical Biosciences Group over a prolonged period of time. This award is given where the committee feel it has been deserved and is not an annual event. In 2005 the award went to Professor Brian McGaw.

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Bursary Application Form
Under the Bursaries programme - up to £500 is available to a suitably qualified, UK-based Academic Scientist working in the area of Analytical Biosciences
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