Analytical Biosciences Group

Analytical Biosciences

The Analytical Biosciences Group (ABG) is one of the many Interest Groups within the Royal Society of Chemistry, bringing together members with an interest in the use of analytical chemistry techniques in "bio" applications, and promoting the development and propagation of such techniques. 


The ABG came into being in 1945 as the Biological Methods Group when it first became obvious that the properties of complex new pharmaceuticals, such as penicillins, could not be adequately characterised by traditional analytical chemistry alone. Thus it acted as an early forum for the development of bioassays for drug potency.

The field of analytical biosciences has expanded massively from these beginnings and the ABG has evolved to promote the development and application of a wide range of bioanalytical techniques.


The principal purpose of the ABG is to sponsor and organise events in the field of analytical biosciences in order to disseminate information and promote networking. The committee use RSC funds to sponsor conferences, seminars, training courses, etc. in relevant subject areas. Sometimes such events arise directly from ABG discussions but often the ABG will co-sponsor events already being planned by other parties providing financial support, publicity, and/or administrative input. 

As well as carrying out activities directly supporting the ABG’s aims, together with the associated administrative tasks, committee members try to maintain good links with other groups and organisations which have complementary interests including other groups within the RSC.

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The Analytical Biosciences Group promotes its interests through various activities including meetings, sponsorships and bursaries. For updates on our recent activities, please visit our News Page.

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