Allan Ure Memorial Bursary

The Allan Ure Bursary is awarded on an annual basis, alternately by the Atomic Spectroscopy Group of the Analytical Division of the Royal Society of Chemistry (ASG, AD, RSC) and the Atomic Spectrometry Updates (ASU) Editorial Board. 

The award is presented to a scientist, at the start of their career, who the adjudicators believe has made a significant contribution to knowledge in the area of the application of atomic spectrometry to environmental science. 

The successful applicant will receive £500 to help with any expenses that may be of benefit to their career. For example, this could be to travel to or attend a conference, so that they may present their work. 


This award is in memory of Dr Allan Ure, a distinguished analytical chemist who spent many years working with both ASU and ASG. Allan championed the fields of environmental analytical chemistry, atomic spectrometry and speciation and was a pioneer in the development of sequential extraction methods for soils and sediments.

His encouragement and support of young scientists be they undergraduates, postgraduates or post-doctoral fellows and lecturers, was well known. It is therefore fitting that to honour Allan's achievements and the contribution he has made to our science, this bursary be given to help start a scientist's career.

Current Winner - 2019

Denitsa Rigby
The focus of her PhD research was the tracing of isotopically labelled metal nanoparticles to investigate the uptake and distribution in wheat plants at environmentally relevant concentrations (i.e. at or below the LOD of GF-AAS) using multi-collector ICP-MS. The Allan Ure Bursary enabled Denitsa to support a 6 week visit to the Vrije University Amsterdam and to present her work at the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry in Helsinki in May 2019, presenting the data she collected earlier from the Vrije University Amsterdam. Please see the bursary report for further information. 

Allan Ure Memorial Bursary Past Winners

2007 - date