Education Division Council

The Education Division Council reports directly to the RSC Member Communities Board.

Role of the Division

The role of the Division is to foster knowledge and understanding of, and engagement with, all aspects of the Chemical Sciences relating to learning, teaching and communication through the guidance of its Council acting to:

  • identify and address key issues in teaching and learning
  • support those involved in education and in the development of good practice
  • effect a synergy between education practice and research
  • forge co-operation and exchange in teaching and educational research with groups worldwide
  • represent a lobbying voice for the enhancement of the quality of learning and teaching in the Chemical Sciences

Council members

Council Members

A full list of the current Education Division Council members

Calendar of events

Dates of Meetings

Dates of Future Meetings

Contact and Further Information

Emily Howe
Service Manager
Royal Society of Chemistry, Thomas Graham House, Milton Road, Science Park, Cambridge CB4 0WF
Tel: 01223 432429