Chemistry Topics

(adapted from "Chemistry Cassettes")

These learning resources are designed for individual, self-paced learning and are appropriate for post-16 students in schools, colleges and universities

They were originally created as cassettes and booklets by the Educational Techniques Group of the RSC - hence the original name "Chemistry Cassettes". They are now available for personal private study in MP3 and PDF format.

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Chemistry Topics

An Introduction to NMR Spectroscopy


Competition Processes

Co-ordination Chemistry

Entropy - The Driving Force of Change

Heavy Metals as Contaminants of the Human Environment

Ionic Crystals

Ion-selective Electrodes

Ions in Solution

Linear Free Energy Relationships

pH and Its Measurement


Radicals and their Reaction Pathways

Reaction Pathways of Carboxylic Acid Derivatives

Solving Inorganic Spectroscopic Problems

Some Aspects of the Electrochemistry of Solutions

Some Organic Reaction Pathways

Double Bonds

Symmetry in Chemistry (Part 1)

Symmetry in Chemistry (Part 2)

The Architecture of Matter

The Chemistry of Biological Nitrogen Fixation

The Periodic Law

The Theory of Transition Metal Complexes

Using Chemical Abstracts

X-ray Crystallography (Part 1)

X-ray Crystallography (Part 2)