Remit of MCD

The RSC believes it is crucial for it to take a lead in this area to make sure that chemists in the UK are fully able to take advantage of the opportunities that now present themselves in materials research. The Division will represent the materials chemistry community within the RSC and to the wider scientific community. 

Materials chemistry crosses the boundaries of chemistry, physics, engineering and materials sciences. Given the interdisciplinary nature of materials research the Division aims to build links with other professional bodies and foster communication between communities working on the same problems from different angles. 

The Division is the principle advisory body within the RSC on a range of materials-related matters and has and continues to submit information to the EPSRC concerning the materials chemistry interface and the remit of the EPSRC materials programme. 

The Materials Chemistry Division's role is to set, drive and deliver the strategy for materials chemistry within the RSC and in doing so to raise the profile of materials chemistry