The Michael J. Gait Lectureship sponsored by Oxford Nanopore Technologies

The Nucleic Acids Group award lecture series was established in 1998 to honour world-renowned scientists who have made outstanding contributions in the areas of the chemistry and/or biochemistry of nucleic acids. Award lectures are usually given annually in conjunction with conferences supported by or associated with the Nucleic Acids Group. The Award lecture series is generously sponsored by Oxford Nanopore Technologies.

In 2012, the Nucleic Acids Group award was named the Michael J. Gait Lectureship to mark the retirement of Mike Gait from our committee after many years of tireless work for the UK Nucleic Acids community.

The Michael J. Gait Lectureship

Professor Taekjip Ha
 (Johns Hopkins Medical School, USA)
Single Molecule Bacteriology
Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford; 9 – 12 September 2018

Professor Marvin Caruthers
 (University of Colorado at Boulder, USA)
The 7th Cambridge Symposium on Nucleic Acids in Chemistry and Biology
Queen's College, Cambridge; 3 – 6 September 2017

Professor James Berger
(Johns Hopkins Medical School, USA)
Machines on Genes IV
Shrigley Hall Hotel, Manchester; 31 July – 5 August 2016

Professor Thomas Carell
(Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany)
The 11th Nucleic Acids Forum 
The Chemistry Centre, London; 10 July 2015

Professor Anna Marie Pyle 
(Yale University)
Helicases and Nucleic Acid Translocases
Robinson College, Cambridge; 4–8 August 2013

Professor Steve Kowalczykowski 
(University of California, Davis, USA)
Machines on Genes II
St Anne’s College, Oxford; 12-16 September 2012

Previous Nucleic Acid Award Lectures

Professor Laurence Hurley 
(University of Arizona, USA)
The 6th Cambridge Symposium on Nucleic Acids Chemistry and Biology
Queen's College Cambridge; 4-7 September 2011

Professor Reinhard Lührmann 
(Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen, Germany)
The Edge, Sheffield; 12-16 September 2010

Professor Susan Gasser
(Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Basel, Switzerland)
The BACR/EACR Symposium on Chromatin and Cancer
Churchill College, Cambridge; 6-8 July 2009

Professor Martin Gellert 
(NIDDK, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, USA)
The Topo2008 conference
John Innes Centre, Norwich; 20-24 July 2008

Professor Jennifer Doudna 
(University of California, Berkeley, USA)
NACON VII conference
University of Sheffield; 1-5 April 2007

Professor Ignacio Tinoco 
(University of California, Berkeley, USA)
The Frontiers in Chemical Biology: Single Molecules
Cambridge; March 2006

Professor Greg Verdine
(Harvard University, USA)
Responses to DNA Damage conference
Sussex; September 2005