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RSC Particle Characterisation Group

The Particle Characterisation Group is one of the RSC's many Interest Groups. The Interest Groups are member driven groups which exist to benefit RSC members, and the wider chemical science community, in line with the RSC's strategy and charter.

The distribution of particle sizes and shapes, together with the characterisation of surfaces, has been shown to greatly influence the process of particulate and porous systems and therefore is of immense interest to manufacturers allied to the bulk powder industries, for example. 


  • To provide a forum through which those persons with a common interest in ways to dimensionally characterise single or assemblies of particles, in the solids handling, solids fabrication and general solid particulate industries, can meet to exchange views, discuss problems and generate ideas. 
  • To bring together diverse but interdependent specialists from many industries to provide a link between different industries and educational institutions. 
  • To work with other groups working in associated areas.  


Frequent meetings of the Particle Characterisation Group are held on a friendly and informal basis to encourage the free exchange of ideas and to promote lively discussion. 


We also have an online community, which is based on MyRSC, for anyone who shares our interests.

Get Involved

We are always looking for new members who are keen to get involved and to help organise our activities. If you would like to find out more please contact the Secretary.

Chemistry Origami

This project was carried out by the group as part of the International Year of Chemistry Challenge in 2012. The intention of the project was to work with students regarding how elements bond together to form compounds and  then crystals and particles. A pilot project was run at a school in Surrey in October 2012 and the downloadable resource is the starting point, or building block, for the discussion on bonds, shape, crystals, particles.

A common chemical structure of a square based pyramid is the initial focus which is a simple structure to make but imperative to chemistry. It is used extensively in chemistry to represent a tetrahedral structure with a central atom surrounded by four atoms usually of a different element. This basic structure is one of the most common structures used in chemistry and structure of molecules is also part of the UK high school curriculum. 

Depending on the audience this can be developed greatly in numerous ways including thinking of other compounds that may form tetrahedral structures/ introduction of the graphite structure.

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Downloadable Files

Annual Report 2018
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Chemistry Origami
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