Josef Loschmidt Award

The Josef Loschmidt Award was founded by an endowment from Dr Alfred Bader for excellence in physical organic chemistry, including organic structures, reactivity and reaction mechanisms, however studied. It is awarded biennially and includes a prize of £2,000.

The prize is open to those who currently work in an academic institution in the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland. The major part of the work being considered for the prize must also have been carried out in such an institution.  

There is no restriction on age but those who have previously received an RSC award or have held a professorship in the British Isles are not eligible.

For more information, please contact the Physical Organic Chemistry Group.

Physical Organic Chemistry Group

A forum for those chemists interested and active in physical organic chemistry

Josef Loschmidt Award 2014 Winner

AnnMarie O'Donoghue, Durham University, UK

Josef Loschmidt Award Winners

1992 - 2014

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