Polymer Physics Group Prize for Best Student Publication

Deadline: Applications must be received by 30 April, 2013. 

The Polymer Physics Group (PPG) is pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for a prize to recognise the most outstanding publication by a PhD student on a subject within the PPG's remit. 

The prize winner will receive a monetary award and will also be invited to present a lecture at the next Polymer Physics Group Biennial Meeting.


The prize will be awarded for the best publication in a journal on a topic of relevance to polymer physics, as judged by the awards committee. The scientific quality, originality and significance of the research will be considered. 

The nominee must be an author or co-author of the publication. The research reported in the publication must have been carried out as part of the PhD research of the applicant. 

The publication must be publicly available, either on a journal website or in printed format, and the date of publication (as stated by the journal) must be after 30 April, 2011. Manuscripts in preparation or under review will not be considered for the prize.

Application Procedure

The application for the prize will consist of three items:

  1. A paper or electronic copy of the publication in a journal.
  2. A signed letter (on University letterhead) from the supervisor of the PhD student confirming that the research was carried out by the applicant as part of PhD research.
  3. A statement from the applicant (or nominee) outlining the significance of the publication.  

The application should be submitted to the PPG Honorary Secretary, Dr Aline Miller. Applicants should separately submit an abstract for their oral presentation on the IOP Conference website.

Contact and Further Information

Dr Aline Miller MRSC
Secretary and Treasurer
Manchester Institute of Biotechnology, University of Manchester, 131 Princess Street, Manchester M1 7DN