The Medimmune Protein and Peptide Science Award - 2019

The award is made biennially and nominations for the 2019 award are now open.

Awarded in recognition of excellence in any area of protein and peptide science.

  • Open to everyone without restriction 
  • Candidates should be nominated by two referees (one of whom should be a current member of the RSC) 
  • Candidates should provide a 2 page CV which should include a website URL, a summary of their education and career, a list of 5 relevant publications and total numbers of publications and patents etc 
  • A one page supporting statement from each referee outlining the reason for nomination 
  • The Award winner will be chosen by the RSC Protein and Peptide Science Group committee
  • The Award winner will receive £1000, a medal and certificate and will be expected to give a lecture at a meeting organized by the PPSG in the 12 months following the Award           

Deadline for submission is 5pm 15 January 2019.

Applications should be sent to the RSC Peptide and Protein Science Group (PPSG) secretary Steven Cobb via email at

2019 Award Winner - Professor Philip Dawson

2019 Winner - Professor Philip Dawson

The Protein and Peptide Science Group (PPSG) is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2019 Medimmune Protein and Peptide Science Award is Professor Philip Dawson, The Scripps Research Institute.


Phil receives this award for his critical role in the development of native chemical ligation and his on-going contributions to the development of new resins for the preparation of peptide-thioesters. Phil's examination of unusual peptide backbone chain topologies including protein catenanes, as well as his seminal study of H-bond strengths in beta-sheets rounds out a remarkable series of contributions to peptide and protein science.

Past Winners

Past winners of the MedImmune Protein and Peptide Science Group Award.