Professor John Wade CSci CChem FRSC

Research Interests: 
John is head of the Peptide and Protein Chemistry group at the Howard Florey Institute where he leads a team that is engaged in the synthesis and structure-function relationship study of insulin-like peptides, especially relaxin and insulin 3. He is currently chairman of the Australian Peptide Conference that has matured into an outstanding scientific forum. He is also an editor of Journal of Peptide Science, Protein & Peptide Letters and International Journal of Peptide Research & Therapeutics
Recent Publication: 
Fu, P., Otvos, L., Layfield, S., Ferraro, T., Tomiyama, H., Hutson, J., Tregear, G.W., Bathgate, R.A.D. and Wade, J.D. (2004) 'Synthesis, receptor binding, signalling and biological activity of monobiotinylated human insulin 3', J. Peptide Res., 63, 91-98.