The agriculture water interface: Current topics

1st November 2018

This one-day meeting has three distinct themes covering the Industry Perspective, Regulatory Issues and the Monitoring and Fate of Pollutants. This event brings together leading academics, regulators and industry experts to discuss current issues on how water quality and quantity is impacted by agricultural activities.


Session 1: INDUSTRY perspective (Chair: Murray Smedley, Barkwith Associates Limited)

Practitioner view from the farming perspective (Steve Cann, Sustainable Futures)

Stewardship approaches for water protection (Dr Alison Hall, Adama Agricultural Solutions UK Ltd.)

Caring for Water: The importance of water to Nestle’s business and how they deliver their water conservation programme (Andrew Griffiths, Head of Sustainability at Nestle UK)

Session 2: REGULATORY perspective (Chair: Richard Maycock, Corteva, European Regulation)

Importance of pesticide legislation to water quality in agriculture (Dr Robin Blake, Compliance Services International)

Achieving 100% compliance for metaldehyde – is treatment the answer? (Dr Robin Price, Anglian Water Services Limited)

Session 3: MONITORING & FATE OF POLLUTANTS (Chair: Graham Mills, University of Portsmouth)

The agriculture - water quality interface: mitigating the multiple unintended consequences (Professor Adie Collins, Rothamsted Research, North Wyke)

Using data and evidence to support the Upstream Thinking payments for ecosystem services initiative (Dr Nick Paling, Westcountry Rivers Trust)

Learning from experience of pesticide monitoring in UK groundwater (Professor Fred Worrall, Durham University)

Monitoring and mitigating pesticides in water: a collaborative approach: Why, what and how? (Dr Joanna Clint, Thames Water)