Water Science Forum Awards

The Royal Society of Chemistry Water Science Forum wishes to recognise the contribution made by the use of the chemical sciences within the water cycle.

To that end the Water Science Forum biennially invites its members to nominate an individual who has made an outstanding lifelong contribution using or developing the chemical sciences within any of the fields of: 

  • Maintenance and improvement of public health
  • Sustainability and access to water resources
  • Environmental, Economic and Social sustainability of the water cycle

Rules and Criteria

  • Nominations of any person who meets the award criteria may only be made by members of the Water Science Forum 
  • The award is open to nominees based within the UK or internationally
  • Nominees can be from any field of endeavour in the practice and utilisation of the chemical sciences which lie within the scope of the award
  • Nominees would normally be expected to demonstrate an extended period of involvement with the water cycle
  • Nominees do NOT have to be members of the Royal Society of Chemistry nor the Water Science Forum
  • Nominees are NOT permitted to nominate themselves.
  • When nominating previous RSC prize or award winners, please remember that a person cannot be awarded twice for substantially the same body of work
  • Previous winners are NOT eligible to be nominated.

The successful nomination will be determined by a panel of the Water Science Forum with an independent chairperson, using the following Assessment Criteria. The panel reserves the right not to make an award. 

  • Scientific/Technical contribution
  • Leadership and mentoring
  • Capacity building
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Skills transfer
  • Novel/Innovative/low cost technical applications 

The successful nominee will receive a suitably engraved crystal glass water decanter and water tumblers.

Downloadable Files

Water For Life Nomination Form
Download the nomination form and return to the Honorary Secretary
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PDF files require Link icon Adobe Acrobat Reader